This game will run in a browser, but your browser will likely freeze while the game is loading. (I received two "Continue the script?" checks in Firefox, and one in Chrome.) If you'd prefer to download the game instead, here's the gblorb link and here are some interpreters that can run a Glulxe file. (I personally use Windows Glulxe these days.)

In November of 2010, fresh off the success of my first complete IF release (One Eye Open, with Caelyn Sandel), I wanted to make the most replayable IF game ever. And I wanted to release it just five months later, at Spring Thing.

After I withdrew from Spring Thing (having bitten off far more than I could chew), I set the project aside. I was learning more about game design, which forced me to see all the project's problems. I was very excited about my procedural generation tech, but as for the actual story - or the player experience, or what made any of this fun - I didn't have any good answers. And I still don't.

There's a full writeup about this game, including the source code, at Sibyl Moon:


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Interesting idea.