Always Dog and Not-Your-Person was an attempt to capture the inner spirit of being a dog. It is a game with 7 commands that all mean "vomit" (not to mention a variety of other biological necessities), so I am confident that I accomplished that goal.

I started working on this game in January 2016 as a submission to the Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction. But time got short, and when I realized I couldn't get it done, I felt so embarrassed about the state of its completion that I didn't want to submit it (even though an email update assured us that unfinished games were okay.)

But Bring Out Your Dead is a WIP event, so... here it is, Ryan. Happy belated birthday!

The photo is my dog Megabit, taken today in a different context. He makes this face often, but I rarely capture it on camera.

If you'd like to learn more about this game, I wrote up my design notes (and provided the source code) at Sibyl Moon.

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